What Are Facilities And Administrative Costs?

Facilities and administrative (F&A) costs (formerly known as indirect costs) are incurred in conducting or supporting research and service but they cannot be readily identified as benefiting particular research or service projects.

What are facilities costs?

Definition of Facility Costs. Facility Costs means collectively the Site Acquisition Costs, the Construction Costs, and Facility Equipment Costs incurred with respect to a Facility.

What is included in F&A?

Examples of F&A costs include: Depreciation and interest cost associated with the University’s physical plant. Operating and maintenance costs such as utility costs, security costs, and custodial costs. Common administrative functions such as payroll and purchasing.

What do admin costs include?

administrative cost. An expense incurred in controlling and directing an organization, but not directly identifiable with financing, marketing, or production operations. The salaries of senior executives and costs of general services (such as accounting, contracting, and industrial relations) fall under this heading.

Are administrative costs indirect costs?

Administrative Costs are those that support the entire organization. Indirect costs are general expenses related to the operation of the overall administration of an organization receiving CNCS funds.

What facilities include?

In the most traditional sense, this refers to factories and offices, but the term facilities also includes schools, jails, sports complexes, hospitals, hotels and retail establishments. Each of these facilities is a complex organization of people, teams, departments, spaces, equipment, technology and more.

What are F&A costs?

F&A Costs. Facilities and Administrative (F&A) Costs – sometimes referred to as indirect costs, overhead, administrative allowance, or occasionally, institutional allowance – are costs which are necessary to support research and other sponsored projects, but which cannot be readily assigned to individual projects.

What does F&A mean?


F&AFinance and Accounting
F&AFood and Agriculture (subject heading)
F&AFinance & Administration
F&AForever and Always

7 more rows

What is F&A process?

Record to report or R2R is a Finance and Accounting (F&A) management process which involves collecting, processing and delivering relevant, timely and accurate information used for providing strategic, financial and operational feedback to understand how a business is performing.

How are administrative fees for grants calculated?

Add up all the personnel and other administrative costs. Use this estimate for your project’s budget. Calculate the percentage of the administrative costs if required. Divide the administrative costs by the total project estimated cost, then multiply that answer by 100.