Quick Answer: What Are Examples Of Indirect Expenses?

Examples of indirect expenses are:

  • Accounting, audit, and legal fees.
  • Business permits.
  • Office expenses.
  • Rent.
  • Supervisor salaries.
  • Telephone expense.
  • Utilities.

27 Apr 2018

What are the examples of direct and indirect expenses?

Examples of indirect expenses include:

  1. salaries,
  2. insurance,
  3. depreciation of equipment,
  4. equipment maintenance,
  5. facility rent,
  6. utilities,
  7. office supplies, and.
  8. advertising and marketing.

17 Oct 2017

What are examples of indirect materials?

Examples of indirect materials are:

  • Cleaning supplies.
  • Disposable safety equipment.
  • Disposable tools.
  • Fittings and fasteners.
  • Glue.
  • Oil.
  • Tape.

11 May 2019

What is meant by direct and indirect expenses?

Direct and Indirect Expenses. Expenses are amounts paid for goods or services purchased. They can either be directly or indirectly related to the core business operations. Type of an expense and Timing at which it is incurred by the business frames the key points of difference between direct and indirect expenses.

What is indirect expenses in tally?

Indirect Expenses: All expenses other than direct expenses are assumed as indirect expenses. Such expenses have no relationship with purchase of goods. Examples of indirect expenses include rent of building, salaries to employees, legal charges, insurance of building, depreciation, printing charges etc.29 May 2016